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Mission and Outreach

Mission and Outreach

The  Mission and Outreach commission works to coordinate, fund, facilitate and strategically plan various aspects of mission and outreach ministries for BMC. The Mission and Outreach commission are continually in search of new opportunities to assist BMC in realizing its vision.

BMC is currently involved in a number of ministries, each lead by a champion from the congregation. These ministries include:

1) Helping the Hungry

2) Little Seeds After Care

3) Jacob’s Ladder Preschool


1)Helping the Hungry

Helping the Hungry is a programme based on the Stop Hunger Now concept. The programme consists of meal packaging events, which provide volunteers the opportunity to pack dehydrated, high protein, and highly nutritious meals that are used in crisis situations and in feeding programs for schools and orphanages.

The packaging event is the highlight of the programme and is an immensely fun, hands-on and rewarding experience for anyone of any age. The packaging event consists of a small number of volunteers, packing meals in a production-line type system. Each meal pack consists of dehydrated rice/soy meal and fortified with essential vitamins and nutrients. An hour long packing session with a handful of volunteers should produce approximately 250 meal packs and each meal pack should feed a family of six people (thats a total of 1,500 meals for an hour’s work).

Coordinator: Dee Cornhill

Contact: 082 876 5818

2) Little Seeds After Care

Little Seeds After Care has been in operation for eight years and continues to be well supported by the families at Jacob’s Ladder and Sweet Valley Primary School. Little Seeds After Care aims to provide a loving, caring environment where children at all times feel safe, secure and happy. Little Seeds provides a dedicated homework supervisor that has run the facility smoothly and efficiently, encouraging self-discipline and responsibility.

At our facilities we:

– Operate from 12:30 to 17:30

– Operate during school terms only

– Offer half day rates

– Offer attendance on casual basis

– Provide sandwiches and cold drinks

– Supervise homework from Grade 1 to 7

Supervisor: Paula De Wet

Contact 021 715 3045, 071 593 6573 (WhatsApp Preferred)


3) Jacob’s Ladder Preschool

Established in 1987, Jacob’s Ladder Preschool is an independent, all-inclusive, parent administered Christian ethos school run as a mission of the Bergvliet Methodist Church. We pride ourselves in offering our children a loving, caring environment “ one in which they can grow in all areas of development – intellectually, physically, socially, spiritually, creatively and emotionally. They learn to be kind and loving and, in so doing, become aware of their loving Heavenly Father.

We aim to provide high quality education, along with supervised care from enthusiastic, creative, qualified educators and child care providers from early morning to early evening. We endeavour to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which all our children can flourish and in which all contributions are valued. It is important to us that children are allowed to be children, can explore the environment and learn through play.

Our goal is to allow each child to develop and learn at their own pace while encouraging and extending them to reach their own individual full potential both in and out of the classroom while preparing them for primary school.

We encourage parent and family participation and in doing so we strive to increase families knowledge and actions that promote healthy childhood development. Our principal and teachers have an open door policy and welcome communication and interaction with the parents within the preschool.

Children learn by playing, by making their own decisions, solving their own problems and making their own judgments. Creativity is the cornerstone of preschool education. It is to this end that we offer a stimulating and creative program for 3-6 year olds. Our qualified and experienced Early Childhood Development staff continually evaluate the children’s progress, and parents receive feedback and reports twice a year.

We have three co-ed classes ranging from three to six years of age. For some of the little ones starting school, the adjustment to a school with three classes is big. With this in mind we keep our classes small. Each class has a qualified preschool teacher, and our youngest class also has an assistant.

Our daily programme includes, snack time, art, music, movement, outside play, individual and group activities as well as the more traditional educational activities. Our well equipped playground allows for maximum gross motor development. Here the children are able to build and construct with sand and water, climb on the climbing apparatus, and play with hoops, balls and wheelie toys. They are encouraged to move creatively and their ball and sport skills are developed.

We support various charities e.g. The Sunflower Foundation, St Luke’s Hospice, the Chaeli Campaign and the Westlake community. We also make up and collect Christmas shoeboxes for those less privileged than us. Highlights for the year include painting our own school t-shirts, a Family picnic, Sports day, Spring day picnic, an outing to the Two Oceans Aquarium or similar attraction, Gym displays, and our Nativity Play.

Principal: Cathy Slade

Contact 021 715 1011

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